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2 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. luis... Says:

    i am the proud owner of an 8 month old golden retreiver, german shepard mix and just yesterday he started throwing up but we didnt take it too seriously we thought it was just something he ate but then it got worst he kept throwing up, he refuses to eat , he only drinks water , and at around 3:30 ths morning i woke up to check on him and there was blood everywhere! Ive been told to give him sugar water which is what i did , i also read that tamiflu helps dogs recover from parvo but i havent been able to find it please help me!

  2. Rae and Mark Says:


    We’ve got bad news for you:

    Firstly, “Sugar Water” will not cut it. Most likely this will cause additional vomiting – the last thing you need. This is why we never recommend Pedialyte or Gatorade as they are very sugary, are not organic, and cause additional vomiting for most dogs.

    Secondly, Tamiflu is a chemical-based product designed to treat human flu. We never recommend this because it is a chemical and they always cause side-effects and it is for another species, making it very dangerous to use. In fact, the side-effects can be so-called mild like additional vomiting to severe as in life-threatening. This product is very expensive, it should be prescribed by doctors for humans with certain types of flu, and frankly why should vets be even allowed to prescribe drugs that are not meant for dogs? Don’t trust this practice – it amounts to experimentation and that usually doesn’t work.

    Thirdly, it sounds like you have a very strong Parvo crisis on your hands. You must take immediate action.

    The first thing you should do is to make and administer the Parvo Emergency Tea on this site. This will hydrate your dog using organic easy-to-obtain ingredients from your kitchen or a nearby Walmart/grocery store. NOTE: this is only for hydration, this will not address the Parvovirus, for that you need additional weapons which are not free.

    The next thing that you need to address is the fact that he is not eating which causes a dangerous situation: hypoglycemia, which will cause many additional problems (all bad) and greatly complicate matters.

    You also must find strong counter-measures for the virus, otherwise it will continue to ravish your dog’s body and if this path of destruction is not stopped then your dog has little chance of surviving this ordeal. He may not say anything, he is in pain as this virus is eating a hole in his intestinal wall as a food source and this is where the blood is coming from.

    In order to deal with all of these issues you should get yourself a Parvo Treatment Kit. This contains the counter measures to deal with the virus and its aftermath and you will then qualify for our 24/7 personal coaching which also includes additional home remedies that will address the hypoglycemia, vomiting, and more.

    As you may have noticed, we’ve successfully dealt with over 3,746 dogs and some other small animals. We know about Parvo and have a very good track record.

    Get started NOW, because time is not on your side on this one.

    Rae & Mark

    P.S. Fill out form and include ALL dogs on your property no matter what their current health conditions are. NO dogs are safe from Parvo: young, old, vaccinated, or not, it doesn’t matter, any dog can get Parvo these days – even dogs as old as 14 years and vaccinated all of their lives!