What Is Parvo Virus: Dehydration In Dogs

Dehydration in dogs, or canine dehydration, can be caused by many things. Obviously if your dog is vomiting (throwing up) for any reason then he will of course lose valuable liquids. If he does not naturally replenish those liquids, eventually he will become dehydrated.

Remember, mammals do not have the ability to manufacture food and drink without external sources, therefore we have to take in a certain amount of nutrients and liquids on a regular basis or many problems will arise if these things are not in the system consistently.

If you see that your pet is not eating, not drinking, and/or throwing up many times over the course of a few hours, then something is definitely wrong. That behavior is not ever normal and the moment you see that, you need to do something ASAP.

If it turns out to be a one-time occurrence then that could self-correcting, but if it happens more than once, then it is time to start doing something.

We know of countless amounts of people that will sit and watch their pets needlessly suffer because they (the owners) are in denial.

If your pet has vomited more than once, then you should figure that there is a high chance that he has something very life-threatening such as Canine Parvovirus. You see, if it is Parvo, then time is the one thing you are vastly short on. Parvo can take your dog from you in hours after you see him exhibit any of the usual symptomsParvovirus Symptoms: lethargy and a lack of playfulness; not eating or drinking; vomit (often starting as an off-white mucus, turning later on to a yellow frothy vomit); diarrhea (normally foul-smelling and frequently bloody); dehydration; fever; chills; depression..

Now of course, if it is not Parvo then all is well – no harm, no foul.

The next few steps we suggest will not harm him in any way and will only help him – as we only do organic Parvo home remedies that are safe with NO side-effects.

So, we would strongly encourage you to get started on the home hydration plan, use our Parvo Tea Recipe to replenish his fluids and then immediately get a Home Parvo Treatment Kit to get your doggie back on his feet – healthy and strong again.

NOTE: despite what you may have seen on various websites, DO NOT use any of the following if your dog is sick:

NO Gatorade NO Gatorade
NO Pedialyte NO Pedialyte
NO Rice NO Rice
NO Chicken, Turkey or Eggs NO Chicken, Turkey or Eggs (i.e. no poultry products in any shape, form, or source)
NO Regular Dog Food NO Regular Dog Food
NO Raw Or Cooked Meat Of Any Kind NO Raw Or Cooked Meat Of Any Kind
DO Give The Parvo Tea Parvo Tea


  1. Get going with the Parvo Emergency Tea to counteract dog vomiting and puppy vomiting knock-on problems.
  2. Order an at home Parvo Treatment Kit.
  3. Treat your dog in a less stressful environment that he is familiar with and save him from a horrifying death.

If you want to find out more about diarrhea in dogs, see our post on dog diarrhea treatment.

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